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  • T-Drill delivers fit-for-purpose tube and pipe fabrication solutions.


    China's 12th five-year plan, which calls for infrastructure and industrial upgrades, presents opportunities for hi-tech tube and pipe fabrication machinery manufacturers such as T-Drill. Trailblazing since the 1970s, its patented T-Drill method - a way of branching tubes and pipes more quickly and cost-efficiently without expensive T-fittings - has become...
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  • Leinolat Group strongly supporting the economical growth of Ostrobothnia


    Finnish national television YLE published news about Leinolat Group to be one of the strong actors of Ostrobotnias SME´s to support the local economical growth in the 2000s. The areal economical growth differencies are huge; Ostrobotnias growth is 24,4 % when the average of Finland is around 14 %. 
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  • Uwira-Kilkanen News 2014


    Uwira and Kilkanen have risen from metal works to engineering companies that carry out projects globally. We have together been developing activities purposefully for years. Both companies focus on challenging welding, piping, and machining projects.
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  • Leinolat Group aboard in a significant research project


    Leinolat Group is participating in a new research project called Rebus – Towards Relational Business Practices. The venture, carried out by Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster FIMECC, aims at making scientific breakthroughs in the areas of networks and business ecosystems.
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  • Uwira and Kilkanen have grown into international project suppliers


    Vaasa based Uwira and Kilkanen have grown from metal works into technology companies working on international projects. “We have been developing our operations persistently for years jointly with our subsidiary Kilkanen Oy”, says Samuli Kuusisto, CEO of Uwira Oy. The company focuses on welding, pipework, and machining projects.
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  • Leinolat Group at SMM fair


    We would like to invite you to visit our stand 310 in Hall A4 at the SMM fair the 9–12th of September 2014 in Hamburg.
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  • Job opening - pay roll


    We are seeking a payroll professionalista to our team.
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  • A new logo for Leinolat Group – group look unified


    Leinolat Group introduces a new logo, which unifies the visual appearance of the entire group. A new type of logo and new fonts are used by the companies in the group.
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  • EnergyVaasa report to Team Finland


    Leinolat Group was along with other companies giving the EnergyVaasa report of the energyambassador to minister Vapaavuori´s stand in Esa Härmälä who is the head of the energy department of the ministry of employment and economy.
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