Air handling - Power Plants

Leimecs experience and expertise in project business is extensive. Our know-how and machinery enables delivery of complete systems to customer needs and requirements.

The products for power plants are: ventilation units, charge air filters, pressure roofs and exhaust air units. We have provided nearly 2,000 air handling systems all over the world for 20 years. We have good preconditions for efficiency, flexibility and customer orientation.

Air Handling Unit

Ventilation Unit Back side    

Air handling units are manufactured precisely to customer requirements and technical specifications. Air handling units are produced for the ventilation of diesel and other power plants.

The units are designed from the beginning to customer needs, taking the need for ventilation, manufacturing, conditions and logistics into account. Air handling units are supplied pre-electrified with destination country requirements.


Charge Air Filter

Charge Air Filter Front side    

Charge air filters are produced for power plants to support the ventilation performance in demanding conditions.

Charge air filters have been specifically developed to serve and to ensure the functionality of large diesel engines for a variety of conditions, such as sandy deserts and tropics.


Roof Monitor

Over presure roof monitor    

Roof monitors are manufactured for production facilities where air pressure must be regulated. Over pressure is released through the roof monitor while the roof is kept completely waterproof. 

Roof monitors can be equipped with silencers, so the requirements on noise levels can be met.

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